Style Coaching Session (Virtual)

$ 250.00

Do you have a closet full of clothes and feel you have nothing to wear? Are you wanting to simplify your life and save money? Do you need encouragement and style advice about what pieces to let go?

I know it is overwhelming to look in your closet, I’ve been there. Unsure if the outfit is stylish?

There are so many options where do you turn?

I’m here to help, with a bachelors in visual merchandizing, I will help you create an eye for style & curate your closet! You will no longer wonder what should you wear! I’ve made it easy for you. I’ve created a virtual style coaching session that simplifies and styles your wardrobe. 

I’ve helped thousands of women know what to purge, organize, and how to create a wardrobe you love!

With a Virtual Style Coaching Session you will…
1. Save time. No longer will you waste time trying to figure out what to wear.
2. Save money. Fill your closet with only pieces you truly love instead of wasteful spending on
sale items you don’t need.  
3. Be Inspired and Encouraged. You will know what pieces to let go and which ones are best for your body type & lifestyle.

You’ll love getting dressed every day!

In a 2 Hour virtual style coaching session I help you…
-Create amazing outfit pairings from pieces in your current wardrobe. 
-Offer style tips and ideas. You will know how to wear and pair your clothing for different
-Assess needs of your current wardrobe. You will sort, try-on, and purge your closet.
-Fill gaps in your current wardrobe. I will suggest key pieces you can add to create a complete,
confident wardrobe!
-After our session, I will email you a list of essential items (links to shop included) that I
recommend completing your wardrobe based on your customized session, your needs, lifestyle,
and budget. 

The Virtual Style Coaching Session will leave you confident and content knowing how to wear & pair your clothes! 

Purchase the Virtual Closet Curating Session for only $199.
Schedule a two hour session so we can get started styling your wardrobe
and simplifying your life!

BONUS- Receive my Fall Capsule E-Book FREE with your Virtual Style Coaching Session.

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