2 Hour Closet Curating Session (Virtual)

$ 165.00

Do you have a closet full of clothes and feel like you have nothing to wear? Are you wanting to simplify your life and save money? Do you need some encouragement and style advice about what pieces to let go, plus, how to buy clothing and dress for your body type and lifestyle?? Then, I would love to curate your closet and help you purge, organize, and create, a wardrobe that will save you time (not more wasted time trying to figure out what to wear), money (fill your closet with only items you truly love instead of wasteful spending on sale items you don't) and for you to truly love getting dressed every day!

A Virtual Closet Curating Session includes:

  • Access needs in your current wardrobe, sort, try-on, purge closet.
  • Put together outfits from pieces in your current wardrobe, style tips and ideas how to wear and pair your clothing for different occasions/seasons. Figure out where the holes are in your current wardrobe.
  • After our session I will email you a list of items (links to shop included) that I recommend to help you complete your wardrobe based on your session, your needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

Let me help you style your wardrobe and simplify your life!

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