Simplify Your Spring Wardrobe

Do you feel like you have a whole closet full of clothes and you have NOTHING ever to wear? This is a common problem for most of us women. You buy something new but then it sits on the hanger and with the tags still on for weeks. You love the piece you just bought but, you don't have anything to wear it with or know how to wear it. If this is you, maybe it is time to reevaluate your wardrobe, clean out your closet and refresh your wardrobe this spring season.

So, you must be asking yourself, how do I do this?! It is all about basics. Having several go-to wardrobe staples in your closet that fit you well, are versatile, and make you feel good when wearing them. A weeks worth of great outfits that you can wear for every occasion of your life. Whether you are stay at home mom, or work in an office, you need a closet full of outfits that you can wear everyday, that fit your current lifestyle.

What does seven outfits for a whole month really look like?! How do you pick the right clothes to wear for the entire month? These are the questions to ask yourself when going through your current wardrobe and deciding what to keep, what to give away and what you need to buy.
Here are some great basic and versatile pieces to have in your spring wardrobe:


3. BASIC TEES ( in a few colors/patterns)


All of  these basic pieces listed are interchangeable, easy to wear, and layer well.  And for an easy pop of color or pattern add a scarf, statement necklace or fun shoes to change up each outfit. 

SEE?!  You can simplify your wardrobe and still put together several great looks, but without the  hassle of digging in your closet and spending hours trying to find something to wear! 
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