Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks & Counting

My due date is rapidly approaching...I am currently 38.5 weeks pregnant with baby girl Kelly (her first name is a secret) and can hardly wait to hold her in my arms!! This pregnancy has flown by and I feel blessed with how relatively easy it has been. I have felt great, been able to keep up with most of my workouts, had no major aches or pains, and have remained healthy, even through flu season. I think I could do this a few more times :)

Total Weight Gain: 26 lbs. Which I think has definitely helped make this pregnancy feel a lot easier then my first. My first pregnancy (which was 18 months ago) I gained a total of 43 lbs with my son. I was active, and exercised regularly, but I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. So by 38 weeks I felt pretty huge and uncomfortable. Where as with this pregnancy I don't feel as heavy, achy, and uncomfortable. I also have slept better this time around, and had less lower back pain (with the help of frequent trips to the Chiropractor) and no digestion or heartburn issues. I have learned a lot this second time around as far as what to eat and how much to eat. You only need an extra 300-400 calories in the second and third trimesters to help nourish baby. 300-400 calories is basically one extra snack a day, that is it! I just simply listened to by body, when I was hungry I ate and when I was pleasantly full I stopped, ate lots of smoothies, veggies and tried to eat protein at every meal.

What's in my Hospital Bag: I will be delivering at the same hospital again. We had a great first expereince there and hope to have a similar one a second time. I will be doing a natural delivery (Lord willing) again without pain meds or intervention. We will have our same amazing Doula, who will be there to assist my husband and help make this labor and delivery as comfortable and smooth as possible!

Here are a few things I have packed in my bag:

-Essential oils (lavendar, balance, wild orange) plus my diffuser. I use many of these on a daily basis!
-2 Nursing Tanks (from Target) I lived in these last time for the first month
-Cute new pj bottoms (Target) I like to treat myself to new pj bottoms since I will be wearing them for the first few weeks!
-Black yoga pants 

-open black cardigan (hospitals are cold!)
-warm socks (my feet get cold easily)
-Flip flops
-Makeup bag (with a few cosmetics..tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara)
-personal care items: lotion, face wash, tooth brush, comb, hair tie, deodorant, organic nipple balm (start applying right away!! Ouch) 
-EOS lip balm 
-black granny underwear (comfy and won't show blood stains!)
-My "Jesus Calling" devotional book, I need encouragement in the midst of hard labor!!
-phone charger (can't forget this one for all the pictures & videos we will take!)
-swaddle blanket for baby girl
-going home outfit for baby girl 
The hospital has lots of stuff for baby like diapers, wipes, swaddles, you really don't need much for them! Take and use all the free stuff you can...
Soaking up the sweet moments with my firstborn...
Some Of My Favorite Maternity Looks
It has been fun for me to find new ways to wear non-maternity clothes as my bump has been growing. 
We are so excited to meet our sweet baby girl soon and reveal her name to the world! It's been hard keeping it a secret, but I can't wait to announce it to the world on her Birthday...which ever day she decides she is ready to come :) 
We are truly grateful for Gods's great blessings on our family and that he has made me a mom for a second time! The gift of motherhood is such an amazing and challenging thing, I am so honored I get to be their mama. I know there will be some hard days ahead, but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else...
Thanks for following me on this awesome  journey!!