Guest Post: Pretty & Bright Holiday Eyeshadow Tip!

Create a Bright, Pretty & Metallic Look For Your Eyes This Holiday Season!


Beauty Decree "Be Present" & "Forgiveness" from the "Set Me Free Collection"

 Quick & easy tips to make your eyes sparkle this holiday season by Sandra, owner of Beauty Decree cosmetics. 

#1. To Intensify your eye shadow add a drop of Visine to your hand. Take your eyeshadow brush and dip it into the Visine then add your choice of color (BEAUTY DECREE Be Present & Forgiveness pictured).

#2.  PRESS & SLIDE your eye shadow brush starting at your crease moving to your lash line to create a smooth, seamless finish!

We love the beautiful spirit behind Beauty Decree and owner Sandra's vision for inspiring women "to grow, to love and value who you are."

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