Sarah's Spring Capsule Wardrobe: Part 1

Spring is officially here, which means it is time to stop procrastinating and get your wardrobe organized and updated to fit your current lifestyle & needs, ladies! Many women feel the idea of a Capsule Wardrobe is a large and daunting task. But I am here to tell you, it is not!! In this new blog series "My Spring Capsule Wardrobe", I am going to help to minimize your wardrobe and maximize your efficiency in getting dressed each day. This will help all you busy mama's out there who spend lots of your already very limited time each day trying to figure out "what am I going to wear?!' Well let me put your minds at ease and walk you through how I set my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

 Here we go.....

1. Time to purge! Go through your current spring time wardrobe and get rid of anything you have not worn in the past 6-12 months. This may seem ruthless but, it is necessary to start fresh and only have things in your closet you love and want to wear over and over again. Find a local women's shelter to donate you, or take your gently used items to a consignment shop and try to get a few bucks for the items you no longer wear. After doing this step myself I was down to a very small amount of items left in my closet, but It felt so much better to simplify. I made the new rule for myself, anything new I was going to buy and add to my wardrobe had to be something I absolutely loved and I would not just settle for something that was just ok, even if it was on sale! 

2. Make a list. Write down all the staple items you need. Things that you wear on a daily basis. Jeans, short sleeve tee's, long sleeve tee's, chambray shirt, cardigan, dress etc. If you make a list and know exactly what you are shopping for you are less likely to buy items you don't need. 

3. Time to Shop. Only buy what you LOVE, fits you well, and things you will wear on repeat for the next several months. Think classic, basic items that will interchange well with other items in your wardrobe. Try not to buy a lot of items that are too trendy, since they will be harder to mix and match with everything in your closet. Jewelry and accessories are fun ways to add trendy twists to your wardrobe, and usually cost less and are easier to replace after a season or two to wear. Once you finish your shopping list its time to put your wallet away and give your credit cards a rest. Your done shopping for the next few months. The idea I love about the capsule wardrobe is that you put the work in to plan, shop and organize, but then your done. Your seasonal wardrobe is complete and your daily task of getting dressed is accomplished in just minuets, without stress and you feel good about what you are wearing!  

 Now I am going to share with you the items I have added to my own personal Spring Capsule wardrobe. So you can have an idea of about how many items to shop for and ideas of specific items I suggest you have as a part of your capsule that will be easy-to-wear, well-rounded, and will fit your lifestyle. Obviously every person will have their own individual needs based on your occupation, and the season of life you are in. I am currently a work/stay-at-home mama of 2 little's and mostly wear casual outfits, and only wear the occasional dressy outfit for date nights, girls night and church. So, just make sure you buy items that work for your own personal style. 

This is the list of Tops I have as a part of my Spring capsule wardrobe: 

(1) The light weight Striped Button-Up


Shop Similar Top

(2) Long Sleeve Striped Tee

 Shop similar style here


(3) The Printed Top

Shop Similar top here

(4) The Printed Tunic 


 Shop Similar one here


(5) The White Eyelet Top 



(6) The Open Cardigan

Shop This Here or This one

(7) The Basic Tee- Find your favorite fitting basic tee and buy it in several colors- I bought black, white, grey, and blue for myself! They are a great basic top to have and will mix and match with everything through out all the seasons!

Make sure you check out my next blog post, My Spring Capsule Wardrobe: Part 2 Bottoms. I will be sharing all the bottoms and dresses I have included in my capsule wardrobe. You will NOT want to miss it!! Plus stay tuned for daily outfitting ideas from this Spring Capsule Wardrobe that I will be posting on our facebook group, to help give you some outfitting inspiration! 

Thanks for following along on this fun journey with me.

Blessings, Sarah