Blume Turns 1!!

Its hard to believe that Blume has been in business for 1 year! Melissa and I spent many many many hours dreaming, planning, preparing, praying, and learning over the past 14 months as Blume went from just an idea to a dream realized! We both have always had a strong desire to own a family business (we are sisters-in-law) and to work from home as we raise our young children. God has put the desire in our hearts to encourage other women and help them become the person that God has created them to be. We wanted to do this my making our website ( and our facebook page not just an online retailer for busy woman who don't have time to shop but, to be an encouraging and fun platform for all women to be community in with each other, share ideas,lift each other up, and help everyone to feel and look like their best-self.

Taking the time each day to get dressed can be a challenge. Your juggling busy schedules, kids, husbands, jobs, appointments, keeping your house clean, the list goes on.... We started our business, Blume to help busy women feel positive and confident when getting dressed each day. We are your one-stop shop for easy-to-wear clothing and accessories that fit your busy lifestyle. We share outfitting ideas, style inspiration, and help you plan and organize your wardrobe. We are ALWAYS striving to find quality, well made, items that are on-trend, easy to wear and unique. We know there are many places you can shop, so we just wanted to say Thank you! Thank you for supporting Blume in our first year of business. We look forward to this 2nd year and are very excited to see where God is leading us to next!