Need layering ideas for Fall?

Are you wondering how to wear your sleeveless shirt dress for fall? Or how wear printed leggings? Or ways to dress up a fringe sweater? We have you covered with a few outfitting ideas and ways to layer your outfits this fall!

1. Meet the fringe sweater. This soft, cozy sweater is the perfect laying sweater to add to your fall wardrobe! Wear it over a baseball tee, with boyfriend jeans and sneakers for a playdate in the park as the cooler temperatures arrive. Or dress it up by layering it over a shirtdress, with printed leggings, riding boot, and a belt to complete the look. Wear it open, or wrap it around your neck, either way look chic, and put together with this classic, cozy piece.

2. Printed leggings keep your legs warm while adding a pop of color/texture, and fun to any outfit. Dress up your summer shirt dress or tunic with a pair of printed leggings and riding boots or ankle booties. Leggings are an easy layering piece to add to your fall wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns either, when putting together your outfit 

3. Adding a belt over your sweater is a great way to accentuate your waist and add polish to your look. It is an unexpected way to take a daytime look into an evening look. Give it a try.


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The newest member of the Blume Family: Shay & My Birth Story/Recovery

It's hard to believe my baby girl is 8 weeks old already! Time has flown by since she made her arrival on May19th!! We are so excited and overjoyed she is finally here after 9 long months of waiting. Shay is such a sweet addition to our family and its fun to be a family of 4 now. We feel so blessed God gave us this beautiful baby girl and we get to be her parents. Words can't describe how much we love and cherish her!

My Birth Story
Shay decided to come a week early, to our surprise. My son was over a week late and I had to be induced. So, I figured that would be the same for our daughters birth. The morning she was born I had no idea I was even in labor. I didn't really have contractions, just lots of pressure and Braxton Hicks contractions. Then within a half an hour I started having very painful, consistent contractions every few minutes. I asked my husband if we should call our Doula and friends to watch our son for us, not wanting to jump to conclusions. I figured I had a few hours to let my labor progress before we had to get to the hospital. My very wise husband told me to call them, and it's a good thing I did! Things started to progress VERY quickly after that. Within an hour I was having contractions every 1 to 2 minutes and could barely talk through the pain. So we rushed to the hospital, and 45 minutes later Shay was born. 
Everything went very smoothly with my labor. My Dr., nurses, and Doula were all so amazing, helping me achieve the natural birth I was hoping to have! My husband even said afterwards " wow I didn't even break a sweat this time". My first labor was about 7 hours long and my husband was pressing on my back the whole time, trying to help allievate the pain due to severe back labor! But this time was just so fast, and a whirlwind, I didn't have much time to think about the pain I was in. He did an amazing job though, staying calm, getting us to the hospital safely and quickly, and holding my hand through each contraction. I must say the second time around I felt so much more confidant because I somewhat knew what to expect! 
One of our first sweet moments together! 
My recovery this time was much quicker then the last time, which was awesome! I think because my labor was so fast, and I stayed in better shape during this pregnancy, I was able to bounce back quicker! 
This is 1 day post-pardom. I am so amazed at how God created our bodies to heal and what we are able to endure as women!
1 week post-pardom 
I was pretty much able to be up and walking around immediately after labor. I was tired and sore of course, but was able to do pretty much everything I could do before labor, within a few days. It's very hard for me to sit still for long and rest. Especially when I have an 18 month old to take care of. But we had amazing help from family, so I was able to get plenty of rest that first week and focus on taking care of and breastfeeding Shay. It was a really sweet time for her and I to bond! I loved looking down at her, kissing her little head and smelling her. Newborns smell so wonderful!( I know I'm not the only one who feels this way). 
We managed to make it to church when she was 5 days old
(It took a lot of time to get everyone ready and to be on time!)
A few pics from her newborn photoshoot at 8 days old
I wanted to start off slow with getting back into my fitness routine. I started walking and pushing the double stroller 2 weeks post-pardom and then was able to go on my first jog a week later. I ran a few days a week until I was 36 weeks pregnant, so it was easier for me this time around to get back to running, since it hadn't been too long since I last ran. But, again I took it slowly. Jogging 3 days a week, only 1 mile or 2 at a time. Always listening to my body and making sure I wasn't hindering my recovery.I love to run. It is what helps me get my day going, my quite time with myself and with God.  Time to think and pray and reflect.  I am a better mom and wife when I make that time a priority a few days a week! I plan on running and training for a half marathon in October. 
We are a double BOB family now! 
Modeling some of our Blume outfits holding my Favorite accessory :) 
I love the season we are in! I'm calling it beautiful chaos! Raising children, learning/growing closer to my husband in our marriage, running a small business, and living for the Lord, I'd say I have my hands full but, I wouldn't want it any other way! We are very blessed!! 
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ROWAN - Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network

We are SO excited to partner with ROWAN - a non-profit with a beautiful mission! ROWAN stands for Rural Orphans & Widows AIDS Network. We will be featuring the exquisitely crafted beaded jewelry by the beautiful ladies of Uganda Thursday at 9PM CST/8PM MST in our FB group ( instead of our regular fashion finds. ALL proceeds go to support ROWAN!!

ROWAN exists to love & empower orphans & widows infected or affected by HIV & AIDS in Uganda through education, medical care and treatment, spiritual nourishment and business training, resulting in self-reliance.

ROWAN partners with local Christian leaders & development organizations empowering each person to discover their God-given gifts & passions.

ROWAN works closely with Ugandan widows, caregivers & community members – most of whom lost their spouse to AIDS. The women are almost always supporting children & have no way to generate income.

Find out more here>>>
Follow ROWAN on FB>>

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Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks & Counting

My due date is rapidly approaching...I am currently 38.5 weeks pregnant with baby girl Kelly (her first name is a secret) and can hardly wait to hold her in my arms!! This pregnancy has flown by and I feel blessed with how relatively easy it has been. I have felt great, been able to keep up with most of my workouts, had no major aches or pains, and have remained healthy, even through flu season. I think I could do this a few more times :)

Total Weight Gain: 26 lbs. Which I think has definitely helped make this pregnancy feel a lot easier then my first. My first pregnancy (which was 18 months ago) I gained a total of 43 lbs with my son. I was active, and exercised regularly, but I pretty much ate whatever I wanted. So by 38 weeks I felt pretty huge and uncomfortable. Where as with this pregnancy I don't feel as heavy, achy, and uncomfortable. I also have slept better this time around, and had less lower back pain (with the help of frequent trips to the Chiropractor) and no digestion or heartburn issues. I have learned a lot this second time around as far as what to eat and how much to eat. You only need an extra 300-400 calories in the second and third trimesters to help nourish baby. 300-400 calories is basically one extra snack a day, that is it! I just simply listened to by body, when I was hungry I ate and when I was pleasantly full I stopped, ate lots of smoothies, veggies and tried to eat protein at every meal.

What's in my Hospital Bag: I will be delivering at the same hospital again. We had a great first expereince there and hope to have a similar one a second time. I will be doing a natural delivery (Lord willing) again without pain meds or intervention. We will have our same amazing Doula, who will be there to assist my husband and help make this labor and delivery as comfortable and smooth as possible!

Here are a few things I have packed in my bag:

-Essential oils (lavendar, balance, wild orange) plus my diffuser. I use many of these on a daily basis!
-2 Nursing Tanks (from Target) I lived in these last time for the first month
-Cute new pj bottoms (Target) I like to treat myself to new pj bottoms since I will be wearing them for the first few weeks!
-Black yoga pants 

-open black cardigan (hospitals are cold!)
-warm socks (my feet get cold easily)
-Flip flops
-Makeup bag (with a few cosmetics..tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara)
-personal care items: lotion, face wash, tooth brush, comb, hair tie, deodorant, organic nipple balm (start applying right away!! Ouch) 
-EOS lip balm 
-black granny underwear (comfy and won't show blood stains!)
-My "Jesus Calling" devotional book, I need encouragement in the midst of hard labor!!
-phone charger (can't forget this one for all the pictures & videos we will take!)
-swaddle blanket for baby girl
-going home outfit for baby girl 
The hospital has lots of stuff for baby like diapers, wipes, swaddles, you really don't need much for them! Take and use all the free stuff you can...
Soaking up the sweet moments with my firstborn...
Some Of My Favorite Maternity Looks
It has been fun for me to find new ways to wear non-maternity clothes as my bump has been growing. 
We are so excited to meet our sweet baby girl soon and reveal her name to the world! It's been hard keeping it a secret, but I can't wait to announce it to the world on her Birthday...which ever day she decides she is ready to come :) 
We are truly grateful for Gods's great blessings on our family and that he has made me a mom for a second time! The gift of motherhood is such an amazing and challenging thing, I am so honored I get to be their mama. I know there will be some hard days ahead, but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else...
Thanks for following me on this awesome  journey!! 
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Introducing Sophia ~ Spring/Summer Must-Have Top

Vintage. Feminine. Chic.

Introducing the Sophia Top

Our beautiful, lightweight, vintage, boho Sophia blouse is the perfect essential for your spring/summer wardrobe!! Wear it with printed shorts & gladiator sandals for a summer concert or pair it with distressed skinny's & flats for a casual BBQ or graduation party.

  • Exquisite and feminine
  • 100% Cotton
  • Ships Fast & FREE - Have it by the weekend!
  • Limited quantity

Delicate and Feminine

Beautiful Button Front

Click HERE to shop the Sophia Top. You won't regret it. Promise.

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Do you know what your wearing?!

Ever stop to consider what your clothes are made of? We do. At Blume we ensure you are getting the highest quality clothing, made from natural fabrics, like cotton. Cotton is a naturally grown fiber and when used to make and manufacture clothing it has many advantages over synthetic fibers (man made) like polyester, rayon, nylon... Cotton has the ability to control moisture, insulate, is hypoallergenic, washes and wears well, and is a very durable fabric! So make sure you read the label on the clothing you buy, and be weary of clothing made only from synthetic fabrics, you often get what you pay for. 

That's why were excited to feature our beautiful, new, 100% Cotton, vintage top!!

Shop the Sophia Top >>>


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Spring Trends We Are Inspired By

The LWD (Little White Dress)

It's feminine, flattering, easy to wear and can be worn casually during the day or dressed up for night time. Also a great look for wedding season!


Denim on Denim

Blue denim, or white denim, it doesn't matter...This look is polished, comfortable, and oh so easy to throw together. 


Boho, 70's inspired looks worn at Coachella

Printed maxi skirts, breezy tops, fringe, floppy hats, leather saddle bags, booties, lots of gold bangles...All inspired by the 70's! This boho style looks effortless, playful, and flatters everyone.


Off the shoulder dresses and tops


 ...It's a flattering cut and a little bit sexy. Why not have a little fun wearing this trend for date night or in place of a basic tank when the summer weather heats up?! 

 When adding new seasonal pieces to your wardrobe you should go with styles that flatter you the most and make you feel comfortable! Don't just wear it because some fashion magazine is telling you to.

If you're in a styling rut this spring and don't know what to buy, just by adding one new seasonal piece to spice up for current wardrobe is all you need!, Make sure it is something you really love, a new fringe bag, a floppy hat, a boho top or white flared jeans. Whatever it is, wear it with confidence, and you can wear whatever style inspires you, no matter what the fashion magazines say!! 

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Spring/Summer Wardrobe Basics: Black Maxi

 Black Maxi worn 2 ways
You can't go wrong with a basic black maxi dress for spring and summer. It can worn casually for running errands during the day, a coverup at the pool, or dressed up for a date night or even a wedding! 
For a more casual look pair with: 
A grey tee, leather saddle purse, 
fun bracelets, statement necklace, sandals or sneakers.
For a dressed up look pair with:
Printed scarf, clutch, belt (optional) gladiators sandals or wedges, and some dressier gold bangle bracelets.
Building your wardrobe with the right basics is the best way to maximize your outfitting possibilities and your budget! 
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Simplify Your Spring Wardrobe

Do you feel like you have a whole closet full of clothes and you have NOTHING ever to wear? This is a common problem for most of us women. You buy something new but then it sits on the hanger and with the tags still on for weeks. You love the piece you just bought but, you don't have anything to wear it with or know how to wear it. If this is you, maybe it is time to reevaluate your wardrobe, clean out your closet and refresh your wardrobe this spring season.

So, you must be asking yourself, how do I do this?! It is all about basics. Having several go-to wardrobe staples in your closet that fit you well, are versatile, and make you feel good when wearing them. A weeks worth of great outfits that you can wear for every occasion of your life. Whether you are stay at home mom, or work in an office, you need a closet full of outfits that you can wear everyday, that fit your current lifestyle.

What does seven outfits for a whole month really look like?! How do you pick the right clothes to wear for the entire month? These are the questions to ask yourself when going through your current wardrobe and deciding what to keep, what to give away and what you need to buy.
Here are some great basic and versatile pieces to have in your spring wardrobe:


3. BASIC TEES ( in a few colors/patterns)


All of  these basic pieces listed are interchangeable, easy to wear, and layer well.  And for an easy pop of color or pattern add a scarf, statement necklace or fun shoes to change up each outfit. 

SEE?!  You can simplify your wardrobe and still put together several great looks, but without the  hassle of digging in your closet and spending hours trying to find something to wear! 
Make sure to check out our latest spring collection, full of great springtime wardrobe staples!
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Update Your Spring Wardrobe With The Jogger Pant

The Jogger pant is a great wardrobe staple for this spring. A comfy, easy to wear, alternative to skinny jeans or yoga pants. Add some colorful sneakers, a tee, and a military jacket or vest to complete this causal, daytime look. You will feel comfortable, and put together in this outfit. Ready for a day of running errands, a play date with the kids, or coffee with friends. Being comfy can be chic!


 Take your daytime casual look to nighttime glam by simply adding heels, a leather moto jacket, and clutch. With one easy outfit change your ready for date night with your man, or a night out with the girls. Who knew you could be rolling around on the floor with your toddler all day in these pants, and then looking like a hot mama on Friday night, ready for a night out with your husband! Joggers are a great versatile piece to add to your wardrobe if your looking for a fun, new, sporty look this spring and summer.

We love the Jogger pant look here at Blume Boutique and want to outfit you in our black, zippered, version of this on-trend pant, the Melissa Jogger. Head over to to purchase these amazing pants for just $36.



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